Why We Came To Fondren

William and Elise Winter, Members since 1959
"After hearing [Reverend Moody McDill] preach just one sermon, we found in him and in the spiritual atmosphere that he had helped to create at Fondren the answer to our spiritual search. Some fifty-five years later, we still feel that way about this church, which served as a haven of tolerance and openness in the turbulent racial and theological conflicts of the 1960s." Read More

John and Kasey McKay, Members Since 2009
"Through this process of trial and error, we honed in on what type of church we wanted: a place that would strengthen us as individuals and as parents and help us raise our three daughters with the values we hold dear." Read More

Jane Sanders, Member Since 1997
"Fondren was not the first church I visited but it was the last. From my first visit I felt a warmth and interest I had not found elsewhere." Read More

Diane and Dave Blankenhorn, Members Since 1956
"When I was in elementary school, my mother used to ride the bus to work every morning. She became friends with Wilda McNeil, also a bus rider. When Mrs. McNeil learned that I was un-churched, she and her husband began picking me up every Sunday morning and taking me to Fondren." Read More

Troy Pearson, Member Since 2009
"At Fondren, I have found spiritual healing, a nurturing fellowship, real friendship and a pathway for service. It is a place where the rubber meets the road for me in my spiritual journey." Read More