Fondren Columbarium And Memorial Garden

The Fondren Columbarium and Memorial Garden were constructed in 2009. The presence of a columbarium and memorial garden on our church property offers us the opportunity to visit a loved one's interment site every time we come to church. In addition to being reminded of our own mortality, we are given a measure of victory over death by not having it hidden in some distant garden but out in the open for us to see.

In this age of increased mobility and rising costs, choosing cremation and interment in a columbarium offers a number of advantages. Cremation is far less expensive than embalming, and cremated remains can be transported easily.

Even if you don't have a loved one in the columbarium, go out and sit for a while and feel surrounded by "so great a cloud of witnesses."

Fondren members who have not yet reserved space in the columbarium for themselves and/or for family members are encouraged to do so. To get a copy of the Policies and Procedures governing the columbarium, or to ask questions, contact the church office, and you'll be referred to a member of the Columbarium Committee.