Sunday School

9:30-10:30 A.M.

During the Sunday School hour, Fondren provides classes for all ages.



A fully staffed nursery on the lower level of the building is available for infants beginning at 9:15 AM for Sunday School and continuing through the 11:00 AM worship service. Because Fondren members are dedicated to getting to know and nurturing even our youngest children, volunteer members join the nursery staff to care for infants during the worship service. The nursery is located on the lower level of the building.


In Fondren's Preschool Sunday School class, staff and volunteers teach and nurture through Bible stories, music, prayer, and play. Teachers employ multiple learning styles, and preschoolers often create art in response to what they experience. Preschool classrooms are also located on the lower level of the building.

Creation Station (Grades 1-4)

Fondren provides an exciting, modified workshop rotation model Sunday School called "Creation Station" for children in grades one through five. The rotation model emphasizes multiple learning styles, with children learning Bible stories through story, drama, art, science, cooking, video, computer, games, and music.

The curriculum, a four-year rotation of the great stories of the faith, leads to an understanding of the ways God has provided for his people through time. Each "rotation" or topic is studied for four to six weeks so there is ample opportunity for all the children to grasp and remember details and concepts.

Children begin Sunday School in The Children's Library (Room 10, upstairs) with a sharing time and prayer followed by a review and telling of the weekly Bible story. After this introduction they move into the activity of the day that may take place in the "Fish and Chips" room or the "Starry Nights" video gallery or the "By the Sea" drama area. Visit the Photo Gallery to see how Fondren's children engage in study that provides them a Biblical background for the formation of a strong faith.

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Younger Youth Class (Grades 6-8)

Fondren's youth in grades six through eight meet in the newly redecorated Younger Youth Room upstairs (Room 1). Through multiple learning styles, they study Bible stories in their historical context and explore what it means to live as Christians in the world. The curriculum also integrates service and mission. Our prayer is that our youth will grow in their relationships with God and each other as they learn the stories of our faith and consider how those stories relate to and impact their own lives.

Older Youth Class (Grades 9-12)

Fondren's youth in grades nine through twelve gather in the Youth Room upstairs (Room 7). Through study, discussion, and hands-on experience, they attempt to connect the stories of our faith with contemporary topics, to think theologically, and to become fully involved in the life of the church. Leadership, service, and mission are included in the curriculum.

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Genesis (young and young-at-heart adults)

Although its membership is diverse, the Genesis class seeks to provide a community where younger adults can gather and learn from the scriptures and each other. Recent studies have included the Sermon on the Mount, What's the Least I Can Believe and Still be a Christian?, the Acts of the Apostles, The Lord's Prayer, and the Gospel of Luke. The Genesis Class meets upstairs in the "bell" room across the hall from the larger staircase.

Metamorphosis (adults, all ages)

The Metamorphosis Class, a group comprised of diverse ages, backgrounds, and spiritual interests, offers spirited discussions for the transformation of faith. The study of current and ancient practices offers opportunities to explore their influences on society through the ages. Throughout the year, smaller, more directed topics are offered, such as during the season of Advent. The Metamorphosis Class meets in the Library.

Odyssey (adults, all ages)

The Odyssey Class takes its name seriously, exploring eclectic books and topics that range from focused Bible study to contemporary short fiction with deep religious themes; from an in-depth study of the Dead Sea Scrolls to a book about the contemplative life; and from the early monastic practice of lectio divina to exploration of the gnostic gospels. Through lively discussion and sharing of insights, this class asks the deep, important questions of faith and enriches the spiritual lives of its members in ways that go far beyond Sunday mornings. Members of the class take turns leading the discussions. The Odyssey Class meets in the Parlor.

The Christian Life (adults, all ages)

The Christian Life class meets upstairs (Room 9). This mixed-age class alternates studies of the Bible with studies of contemporary issues. Recent topics include a study of Romans and lessons from The Thoughtful Christian. Participants learn much as they enjoy lively discussion and fellowship.

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