Session & Committees


Class of 2017:
Alex Alston, Dorsey Carson, Jimmy Otts, Jan Taylor
Class of 2018:
Mary Clay Morgan, Jim Pitts, Hubby Saunders, Gerry Wilson
Class of 2019:
Cindy McKey, Laurie McRee, Carolyn White, Quint Withers

Committee Assignments

Christian Education: Carolyn White
Communications: Jim Pitts
Congregational Care: Hubby Saunders
Mission: Jan Taylor
Outreach: Cindy McKey
Personnel: Jimmy Otts
Property: Laurie McRee and Quint Withers (co-chairs)
Stewardship (Finance): Dorsey Carson
Worship: Gerry Wilson (chair), Jim Pitts
Pastoral Care (Fondren Connects): Jane Sanders

Clerk of Session: Jim Pitts; Quint Withers (assistant clerk)
Treasurer: Dorsey Carson