About Us

In response to God's presence and grace, Fondren members:

  • worship together, celebrating the sacraments and the events of Christ's life throughout the year.
  • embrace music as part of worship.
  • seek to grow as Christians through the study of God's Word in Sunday school and in other educational activities.
  • share in the raising of the children of the congregation, accepting responsibility to help them know they are children of God.
  • love and nurture one another despite differences; share life events, both joyous and sad; and support each other with material help, comfort, and prayer.
  • minister to all God's children: strive to help the needy, to aid those struggling with life's challenges, and to inspire neighbors throughout the world with our faith in God's loving kindness.
  • work together to make Fondren Presbyterian Church a place that reflects God's love and compassion in the world, always remembering that the church is God's house, and God's grace and love make all things possible.
         — Adapted from a covenant drafted by Fondren members (2005)